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Turbidity Sensors

Gas Analytics

In situ oxygen gas sensors measure where it matters – directly in the process. In our portfolio of amperometric and cutting-edge tunable diode laser (TDL) oxygen sensors, you will find a solution for your oxidation and explosion protection applications. For industries ranging from (Petro)Chemical to Food & Beverage to Pharmaceutical, amperometric and TDL oxygen gas analyzers offer reliability, ease of maintenance, and low cost of ownership.

2 TDL Gas Analyzers That Measure Everywhere It Matters (1.61Mb)
2 TD_GPro 500 TDL Oxygen Analyser (192kb)
2 Flyer on Gas Phase Oxygen (74kb)
2 Explosion Prevention on Centrifuge Inertisation (232kb)
2 Head Space Oxygen Measurement in Centrifuges(134kb)


In industrial processes different parameter measurement systems are mounted to optimize and control the process. Housings are a very important part of the whole system as they allow to insert the sensors into the media at a specific place in the process (pipe, vessel or basin).

2   FF_housings_infit76xeand76ye Series (741kb)
2   FF_housings_intrac7xxeseries (272kb)
2   TD_Housing_InFit76Xe (839kb)
2   FF_housings_infit76xeand76ye Series (741kb)
2   TD_Housings_InTrac777e (282kb)
2   TD_housing_indip550e (96kb)

Oxygen Sensors

Measurements of dissolved oxygen (DO) in industrial processes serve to control the oxygen concentration, optimize the process and yield. Besides inline measurement the off- or near-line measurement system is often used for control at different sites with a compact portable transmitter/sensor system with data-logger, sampling device and interface to download stored measurement values.
2FF_O2_Systems_InPro6000_Series (2.38Mb)
2TD_Dissolved_Oxygen_Sensor_IP6000 (323kb)
2TD_DO_InPro69x0_6800_6050 (541kb)

PH Sensors

Monitoring of pH and redox (ORP) is important in many different industrial processes to reduce cost and optimize yield. The requirements of various industry processes are different. For example, in chemical processes sensors must withstand acids or caustic solutions at high temperatures. The electrodes are also certified for use in ATEX Hazardous Areas.

   FF_ph_Lowmaint_cpi electrodes (517kb)
2   FF_ISM_Measuring_systems (455kb)
2   DS_iSense_Asset_Suite_ISM_Sensors (280kb)
2   TD_pH_Electrodes_InPro3250_3250SG (165kb)
2   TD_ph_electrode_inpro3100-3100ud (58kb)
2   DS_pH_InPro4800i_en_30319714_Apr16
2   TD_pH_electrode_InPro4260 (472kb)
2   TD_pH_Electrode_InPro4501VP (66kb)
2   FF_ph_electrodes liquid electrolyte (432kb)

pH O2 & Conductivity Transmitters

Transmitters are an integral part of on-line measurement systems used to monitor and control industrial processes. METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive range of transmitters for pH, DO, conductivity, resistivity, TOC, dissolved ozone, turbidity, CO2 and flow.

2   FF_Transmitter_Series_M300_M40_M700_M800 (1.53Mb)
2   FF_Transmitter_M800 (849kb)
2   FF_Transmitter_M400 (361kb)
2   TD_Transmitter_M400 (344kb)
2   TD_transmitter_M420 (678kb)
2   DS Thornton770max Transmitters (1.53Mb)

TOC Sensors & Analysers

Thornton Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Sensors and Analyzers provide fast, continuous measurement of ppb-level organic contamination using proven UV oxidation and conductivity measurement technology. These products meet pharmaceutical USP <643>, <645> and EP 2.2.44 as well as Semiconductor Ultrapure water monitoring.

2   DS_TOC_5000TOCi (1.56Mb)*
2   DS_5000TOCe_TOC_Sensors (475kb)
2   DS_4000TOC_TOC_Sensors (550kb)

Turbidity Sensors

Turbidity measurements provide data on the concentration of undissolved, suspended particles present in a liquid phase. The determined particle concentration is used for process monitoring and optimization e.g. to control biomass growth, crystallization and filtration processes or concentration measurement of solid matters in wastewater.

2 FF_Turbidity_Systems (527kb)
2TD_Turbidity_System TRB8300 & Inpro8000 (143kb)
2DS_Turbidity_system_InPro8300_RAMS (539kb)