Ultrasonic Flowmeters Products

UFM 3030

UFM 3030 is a 3-beam ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids, Independant of conductivity, viscosity, temperature, density and pressure.

No moving or intruding parts, therefore no pressure loss or wear.

Minimal operational and maintenance costs.

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Altosonic III

Altosonic III 3000 Series Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

For the custody transfer of light liquid hydrocarbons Long term stability; high reliability , Eliminates maintenance, Non-intrusive, No wear, No pressure loss. Bi-directional. Compliant with OIML R-117, API

KROHNE is innovation in ultrasonic flowmetering

The introduction of the ALTOSONIC V, the highly accurate, five-beam, liquid ultrasonic flowmeter in the 1990’s for multiple products was a true revolution in the flow market for custody transfer and master metering.

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Clamp-On Ultrasonic 6300

Optisonic 6300 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

KROHNE’s OPTISONIC 6300 stands for continuity and long term reliability. Flow measurement can be done anywhere and start-up is immediate. The new OPTISONIC 6300 clamp-on flowmeter with its robust industrial construction and regreasing concept provides a revolutionary solution for easy handling.

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