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Conductivity Sensors for Ultra Pure Water
Sodium & Silica Analysers
TOC Measruement to USP 643 for the Bio-Pharma Industry

Ultra Pure Water Conductivity Sensors

THORNTON provides a full complement of conductivity sensors with NPT or Tri-Clamp sanitary fittings. They include various lengths, cell constants and materials to match the application: titanium concentric electrodes for high purity water; highly polished 316L SS electrodes for pharmaceutical waters; CPVC and PEEK sensors with four flush electrodes for solutions with higher conductivity and/or suspended material; and an epoxy sensor which can also measure chemical concentration.

2 Download ISM Sensor M800 M300 Thornton Sensors pdf (2.0Mb)
2 Download Thornton 770 Max Conductivity Sensors pdf (702kb)
2 Download Boiler Feed Water Conductivity Sensors pdf (784kb)
2 Download Installation Guidlines for Conductivity Sensorsr pdf (80kb)
2 Download Conductivity Sensors for M300 Transmitter pdf (64kb)
2 Download Family Flyer Conductivity Transmitters pdf (1.3Mb)
2 Download Family Flyer 2 & 4 Pole Conductivity Sensors pdf (536kb)

7000 RMS Bioburden Analyser

7000 RMS Real-Time Microbial Analysis
Advanced laser-based technology provides immediate detection and quantification of microorganisms; overcoming limitations of growth-based technologies that are dependent on incubation conditions, growth media, reagents and time. Counts particles from as small as 0.52 microns and accepts direct input line temperatures of up to 90 ºC.
The 7000RMS delivers 24/7 monitoring of water treatment, storage tanks, distribution loops, points-of-use and clean-in-place processes.levels.

2   7000RMS Data Sheet
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Sodium & Silica Analysers

The METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 2800Si Silica and the 2300Na Sodium Analysers are a reliable on-line instrument designed specifically for pure water treatment and power cycle chemistry monitoring. These Analysers provides assurance of water purity to optimize ion exchange production of pure water and to minimize silica deposition in turbines. Sodium breakthrough of a polisher cation resin is immediately detected at sub-ppb levels.

2   Download Sodium Analyzer 2300Na pdf (592kb)
2   Download Silica Analyzer2800Si pdf (435kb)
2   Download Fully Unattended Automatic Calibration Sodium & Silica Analysers pdf (502kb)

TOC to USP 643

THORNTON Total Organic Carbon instrumentation provides fast, continuous
measurement of ppb-level organic contamination using proven UV oxidation and conductivity measurement technology. It meets pharmaceutical USP , and EP 2.2.44 as well as semiconductor ultrapure water monitoring requirements.

2   Download 450 Portable TOC Analyser pdf (3.0Mb)
2   Download 4000 Fixed TOC Analyser pdf (400kb)
2   Download 5000i Enhanced ISM TOC Analyser pdf (1480kb)
2   Download Problems with Organics in Power Plant Waters pdf (756kb)