Vortex & Flow Controllers Products

Optiswirl 4070

The Mechanical Flow Controller
The DW 18 series of flow controller is ideal for locally indicating the flow of homogenous clean liquids.
Adjustable switches generate alarms once switching points are reached.
The units are robust. Several variants are available to suit a wide variety of applications.

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To Detect the Interfacial layer measurement of 2 non-mixable liquids, as result of an extraction or as occurring after a chemical process, is still today very problematic. Heavy contaminations, small differences of Densities, Dielectric Constants and Conductivities and/or emulsion layers are all issues that make Interface Detection one of the most difficult automated processes.

However, this now a thing of the past, if you are using the full electronic interface detection system of Aquasant Messtechnik AG with its norm signal of the high-resolution impedance measurement. With interface detection pipe probes of different diameters, it is possible to measure the interface directly at the reactor or separation vessel output line. The self-controlled measuring system and control unit do assure a secure and fully automatic separation.

For continuous separators, interface bar probes are used. The interface layer level is measured without any mechanical moving parts and the analogue 0/4 – 20 mA signal goes to the regulator or to the central process system.

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